Sunday, February 26, 2012

Truth brings Joy!!!!

Hi everyone,

Sorry been so m.i.a. , lol, but yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy got my puter, just forever setting it up and loading the programs, ect, ect, so on my sons lappie at the mo............:))

Yesterday( that's saturday, lol, know i am late ) it is New Release again over at Squigglefly and there are just super new images, you have to go and check it out, so, so worth it!!!!

I made a fridge magnet with two of Fawn Palmer's images , Chi Truth and Chi Joy . Just working with these, absolutely versatile!!
The reason i did this, was because lately i have read on so many blogs of 'stealing' if i may can it that, the last case were where one blogger's cards with the colored images were scanned, cut out and sold as their own, my word, could not believe people can stoop so low, more was done, but unfortunately i don't have a link for you to read, just know that the lady was really hurt by this action!!!
That is what my creation says .... Truth gives one Joy!!!

Hope you like and thanks so much for stopping by, luv you for it!!


ursula Uphof said...

Fantastic news Theresa, I know what it is like not having your own computer. I only had 2 months while on holiday, had to borrow whenever one was available. Have fun now.

Holly said...

these are wonderful Theresa! I love the little flower embellishments you used and the bright colors! I like that they are magnets too.

Hlora said...

These tags are so cute!!!!!