Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hi there everyone,

For my CANDY , please go HERE , you don't wanna miss out..................:))
ps:::::: might just give another sneak peak in the week or maybe still the weekend !!

It is time for another New Release over at Squigglefly and you have to go check out the absolute fab new images!!!

When i saw these images , there are seven, from artist Fawn Palmer, i just knew what i wanted to make, wow, now-a=days that don't happen often, lol

Have not made a black/white creation in a while and while it is my fav with a splash of red, i also love doing colors, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttt this one called for black and white..........hehehehehe

If you take a friend, add some love , you will find strength in unity, right! And this is what is said, Thank You My Friend!!!

Just added some pearls from PIZZAZZ APLENTY , Judy still has a super special on!!
Last but not least, i added some Washi Tape , from Sawyers Place and it was the Black Zigzag tape from the Sampson Collection( set of three). It is really such a pleasure working with it, quality is good and for such low a price, you get excellent value!!!

That's all for now, see ya later, alligator...........:))


Trina said...

This is really nice! I'm gonna have to check out the washi tape store!

Kim Kelley said...

I bought some washi tape from the post you did a few weeks ago! I haven't tried it yet but I bought it! I really like the symbols. HUGS

Holly said...

Wow Theresa, this is awesome! I really love it. the black and white with the pearls is just striking! I love the words you put together.