Sunday, April 12, 2015

Well what do you know ????

Hello to all my crafting friends out there , Been such a long time since i posted here, a lot have changed in my life and i had to deal with that. Have no crafting space at the moment, but hoping it will change sometime in the future !! Been longing to get my hands dirty with some paints and other crafting goodies. For me who crafted as my eyes opened, this is sheer hell, that's a promise !!! Have a few words of wisdom for you. It made a lot clearer to me ! The Power of THREE ::::: Three things in life that, once gone, never come back .... TIME WORDS OPPORTUNITY Three things that can destroy a person....... ANGER PRIDE LACK of FORGIVENESS Three things you should never loose ......... HOPE PEACE HONESTY Three most valuable things ............ LOVE FAMILY and FRIENDS KINDNESS Three uncertainties of life ........... FORTUNE SUCCESS DREAMS Three things that make you ........... COMMITMENT SINCERITY HARD WORK With those words , i am going to love and leave you, till we cyber see each other again !! Hugs Theresa aka Terrie