Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am still here..........LOL

Hi there everyone,
Sure hope you are having a good day, oops, night i mean
Can you believe it is already 4 weeks since my puter crashed???? If you read my last post, you can understand why i still have to hang on .............:(((

Anyways, with my Mr Mojo also going AWOL, i have not been crafting much, the energy and heart just don't seem to be there, these last couple of days been running up and down to the insurance, the bank and more, one would think they can at least take it a bit easier on a person, but nooooooooooooooo sirreeeeeeeee bob , the paperwork is astronomical and we still don't know if they will be scrapping the car, tho how anybody can fix that, goes beyond me.
Not sure if i must post a pic of the car or will that be too depressing .......????

I have at long last made a CARD!!!!!!!! Whoopeee Do Da Dy , i am actually impressed with myself, now am hoping that i got everything right, my sons puter a bit different than mine and different program.

But........... 4 weeks ago at Crafter Digital Art Centre , one of the challenges, they are changed every two weeks, one of the challenges we were given an image by ANN FENTON, she won the Digital Drawing Contest, and being such a dog lover, this immediately pulled on my heart strings, absolutely love this image!!! When you look at the corners of the card, you will notice the only embellies i used were ' Teardrop Pearls' which you can purchase at PIZZAZZ APLENTY andddddddddd Judy at PIZZAZZ APLENTY now have a super sale going.............. namely :::::::::::::: Buy one, get one free, WOWZER, is that super or what, so head on over and check it out...................hurry!!!!!

Then a few days ago, i came across this blog, WELCH CREATIONS , where the lady Ashley have a challenge on the go and i thought to myself, if i don't jump in now and start crafting again, it is going to get worse and worse, right?????

So i made this card, let me know what you think, cause your opinion and comments mean so much to me!!!
luv ya lots

Can you believe, now blogger refuses to let me upload...........arghhhhhhhhhhhhh, and still more, blogger went AWOL for about 12 hours, shew……………………., but it is back !!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

An Update and some BAD News!!

Hi everyone,
Hope you had a lovely weekend. Been raining here most of the time, wind blowing strong and bitterly cold, but then again, it is winter, right.........
No news on a new box for my puter yet, still trying to get some cash together, arghhhhhhhhh, feel so funny not creating, Mr Mojo also crashed with my puter, go figure!!!!
Some really bad news, my son had an accident over the weekend, Thank GOD, he is fine cause that is the most important aspect to me, but the car is a total wreck, being the only wheels we have, this really put us in a bad spot, everything else will be on hold now, even my box, untill this can be sorted!!
To put the cherry on top, i had some stuff in the card ready for posting Monday morning and can you believe that as soon as the accident happened, in the confusion, people stole everything of mine that was in the car, all those mail items, my leather jacket and more, mind is still muddled, so am not even sure what else was inside!!!
So, if i had to send you(?) something, please bear with me as i will get this sorted, re-packed and send off.
Please keep us in your prayers as we really do need it now more than ever.....
Thanks for reading this, i so appreciate and luv ya all!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hello everyone,
I am here with a post to help someone that really can use it.
A blogging buddy, Penny has a relative that has been in a terrible accident, he is a very young man, he needs all our prayers he can get.
Here is the full story. Here is the blog Penny has set up with updates about his condition.

Why am I here to tell you about this? Well how many of you don't have somebody you know that is serving their country in Afganistan or some other part of the country that needs them. But, this young man is a US SOLDIER. He has been in Afghanistan and was just home on leave when this accident occured.

The family has traveled to be where he is- he is in an induced coma and they are by his side.

The family could use your prayers first of all, but Penny has also set up a Pay Pal account so anyone can donate.

Penny is doing a drawing on her blog for anyone that donates one dollar.
I wanted to add a few things to her giveaway.

So if you can afford to donate it would be greatly appreciated. Just go to those links above.
If you can't donate, prayers are still needed and maybe some kind words of encouragement.

As a mother with a son, i can just begine to image, not even fully understand( being from South Africa) my heart really goes out to this family.
If I can just get a few of you to leave comments then I will be thrilled, now if I get a lot of you I will be ecstatic.
Nothing like the power of prayer and of words of kindness during hard times.
So here are the few items I will be adding::::::
( Sorry no pic, still without my puter )

A Daisy Dandelion Stamp Collection
A Collection of pretty buttons
a Roll of red/gold ribbon
Fun Keyboard Stickers
Two bunches of roses and some leaves

Just leave a comment here that you have been there, left some love and donated!!!

It would make such a huge difference, every little bit helps ....:))

Thanking you in advance for opening your hearts for Luke and his Family!!!

Love ya.............mwah

Friday, June 24, 2011


Hi there,

Over at Crafters Digital Art Centre , they are having some One Year Celebration parties and tthey are all so much fun.......whooweeeeeee
Now the main sponsor is Petaloo , if you have not been round to the shop, you are MISSING OUT .........BIG TIME !!!!!!! Serious, their stuff is so stunning!!!
Do come and join in the fun, their are prizes and fun and laughter and parties for everyone, see ya there.................:))

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some New or not so New Info!!

There has been an adddition to my One Year Blogaversary Candy, be sure to check that out ...............:))))

Hi everyone,
How ya doing??? Hope your summer is there and that you are enjoying every minute of it .........*big smiles*
Well, here in South Africa, it is mostly cold, wet, rainy, brrrrrrrrrr, but you are used to that, just had your winter, right........:))
We have been having lots of rain and also lots of places were flooded, so much were lost,lots of people rescued and moved to safe grounds, but that is life as we know it.
I really hope that the strike in Canada will come to an end soon, as nothing is allowed(mail) into Canada, only a specialized service as specified by the USA Mail, i need to send some things over , so pretty please guys and dolls, lets stop striking!!
Striking happens a lot in South Africa and in all this time, it is still something i cannot get used to , maybe some
Just my feeling about it , so sorry if i step on any toes, not meant for it, how boring will life be if we all had the same opinions/likes/dislikes ............... right, so it is good to differ , shew that was close...............hehehe , have to laugh otherwise i will be crying here......
No good news from me yet, no new tower in sight, the price is still to much for me.........arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Well looking at the bright side, i do get a chance now and again to at least visit some of you , wow, i do so miss entering for challenges, but it is not all about winning, it is about creating/coloring, making something that you are proud of, sharing it with all your blogging and other buddies, maybe for someone special, reading comments, that sure brings a smile to my face!!!
Last night i took a pic, have been wanting to enter this challenge for so long, soooooo decided i will try and see how to on my sons laptop, arghhhhhh again, yikes, don't know any of the programs he has, got it to a point and bam, stuck again, so will be trying again ytonight, maybe i can be lucky enough to find the solutions, please hold thumbs that side.
Gotta go now, so will see ya all later alligator , maybe in a while crocodile....................LOL
Miss ya all!!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A BIT OF INFO !!!!!!

Well hello there,
How is everyone keeping??? Surprised to see me, yeah , yeah , i know, been M.I.A. the last week or so , buuuuuut with good reason...................

The worst that could have happened( or one of the worst,lol) , have happened with me .........

MY PUTER CRASHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BOOHOO, i now sit with nothing, lol, just using my sons laptop to let you know!!

This started a few months ago when my mails crashed and i had to make use of my server to view my mails. Now that was not so bad, but all my info were lost as well as a new love/hate relationship between me and my server, hehehehe, some mails it will send, the others are returned and not immediately either, lol, but sometimes only a week later, so i am never sure if my mails get to the recipient ......oh my .........

It has been a week already on friday and i am getting serious withdrawal symtoms, cannot enter any challenges either, sooooooooooooo , what have i been doing , you ask???????
Re-organising my workspace and coloring, at least that always relaxes me !!!
So, untill i can get the moola to buy a new tower, i am stranded....:((((

Please just check on my Candy Post, i have edited it and added to the candy, nice !!
Till later............:)))))))))

Friday, June 3, 2011

This is Pattie's Friday!!!

Hello there all you lovely people,
Before i show my card, let me just offload some of these frustrations about a computer!!!!
Before we were hit by 'Blogger' , my puter got extremely slow in acting out a command given , now i know there are people out there that can simpatise with me, just to do this posting will take me about an hour, argggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh, climbing the walls this side, have to have it upgraded and get more memory, so until that is done, i am so going nuts, can only do about 1/2 things in an evening and for me, yikes, those that know me, know i like to be everywhere and see everything and take part, oh well, such is life, just cannot wait, i think you will know...............hehehe

Anyways, let me tell you about the new challenge that is up at Pattie's Creations Challenge Blog, can be either a 'Fathers Day' card or a 'Wedding card' and for this time of the year, perfect right.......................:))
I just love to use this image, 'Tulips with Vase' which, by the way you can find HERE , first .... I LOVE FLOWERS, and second it is so versatile, as you can see , i have used it for a 'Wedding Card' and it just fits like a glove, don't ya think????

Ok , ok let me move on, gotta type while the going is

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Surprised to see me ?????

Well hello there,
I am so sure you are totally surprised to see me , lol ,it seemed as if blogger gor ro me roo, well in a way it did...............hehehe, was surely a nightmare as so many can testify................right!!!!
Now not only that, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut my puter needs a bigger memory, it is sooooooooo sooooooooooooooo slow, it takes me forever to do anything!!
So , get yourself a cuppa, sit back, take a load off and hope you enjoy the wild ride i am going to take...............heehee

First i want to show you two cards made with a Glitterbabe image , now Stef have the most fun and easy to work with images, wait just right there, let me finish and then you can go ad get yourself a few or more, lol, there is something for everyone and everything!
As you would have seen , i just love flowers and whymsical and Tilas and houses, arghhhh, love so many.....

Next on the list i would like to give you a glimpse of the fun we have over at Crafters Digital Art Centre , every fortnight a new set of challenges start with some stunning free digi's. The Artist's are just so generous and and the winners in each challenge also wins a prize, cool right, would love for you to join us there!!!
Dor the 1st card , i have used an image by Dowdy Doodles and the 2nd one by Sending Treasures , now they both have groups at CDAC , there is many other surprises also waiting to be unwrapped, serious!!!

Now the last cards, yikes, you must be saying....jippeeeeeeeeeee, nearly finished.......hehehe, i want to show you, is also by a new group at CDAC ,. The Digi Street' run by Andy, also such versatile images, gotta luv them, the 'car' digi came at the right time, had to make a card for a friend who just landed a Executive job and this suited him perfectly, don't ya think ????

Now, the last , but oh soooooooooooo important info, most of my embellies used is from PIZZAZZ APLENTY !!!!! If you have not visited her yet, you are missing out BiG TiME!!!!!
Here is one of Judy's specials that she has going at the mo, check this out !!!!!

For those who have wanted to place an order, but didn't want to email the order, now you can try some of our products with the Buy Now button below:

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OK, OK , you can go and shop now................. cheers for now........mwah