Monday, February 28, 2011


Well helo peeps,
How are you doing today ?? Been real hectic in my neck of the woods, but still here ...........hehehe
Over at CDAC , there is much celebrations going on for the 1st 5000 members, WOW, would love to see the next 5000...:))
There are a number of prizes up for grabs, so head on over and join in the fun, and such FUN it is !!! First check out what you can win............ COOL!!!
Love to see you there.....
Be good and behave.......

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some NEW Releases a-hopping through !!

Hello there,
I cannot believe we are the end of February and another HOP already, sheez, time waits for no man, right.........?
February, the month of LOVE and the shortest month, but so fill of happenings !!
At DUDE TIME DOODLES , Boni have whipped up some stunning DUDE images again, lol, they all are and just get better and better, yeah, i know you agree, so much fun playing with them and this month is no exception....................:))
The DUDETTES have some , oh so stunning eye candy for ya, they are all so creative and an inspiration to me, so.......... you start at the Challenge Blog ,  if you get lost, you can always come back and re-trace, allthough there is now specific order and you can hop along as your heart desires............LOL
If you came here from ANNE , you are on track ..................*big smiles*
From me , you will hop over to FINK and i can assure you, you don't wanna MISS ON ANYTHING!!!! Be sure to leave some love on every hop, cause there will be a Mystery Hostess and one, oh so lucky commenter, WINNING a NEW RELEASE or Image of choice .........................., how lucky can one get, love it !!
I had the pleasure of meeting( chuckle) SCHYLER SKIES and he is so sweet, but has a thing with skies...............LOL, he cannot stay on, that is why my sentiment say's............

"On a scale of 1 - 10 , WHAT ARE MY CHANCES" ........ You gotta love him.......hehehe
Now, i also loved playing with SKIP SK8R , some cool With him, i used a sentiment from TLC , i really love her SENTIMENTS , go and check them out, won't be sorry............!!
Here is SKIP...........................ta da ....
Enjoy the HOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A New View on PETS !!

Hello there,
Some of us are getting ready for bed, some got up and some are just getting ready for lunch........... wow, gotta love all the different time zones !!
This weekend the tiredness of the last couple of weeks caught up on me and i was mostly in lmbo, most strange for me , got a migrane the size of Mt, anyways, i still have my crafts, right !!
Over at Pattie's Creations , we have a challenge to use a PET on your card , now, knowing me, it could have been anything from a worm to a mouse to an elephant, yebo yes, love them all, just the slithering type and some with toooooooooo many legs are not my most fav...............LOL
I used Phoebe, the Pig Fairy and you gotta luv her, she is cute, pity  stay in the city .........snort snort .........hehehe

Saturday, February 19, 2011

TLC and Me ...

A Big WELCOME to the  TLC BLOG HOP and my little corner.

Thank you for stopping by and looking around........... hope you will have some fun reading this and looking at my card ...........:))

The next person on the hop is ............. THEA

I am sure all of you know Paulette of Create With TLC and have been to her blog many a times , not only because she is one of the most generous people i know, but there is so much inspiration to see! She regularly post cards of creations made with her images , and it is so interesting seeing the many different interpretation of an image on one blog !
Not only does she have 'WORDART' for absolutely anything/any occasion , but also such a diverse selection of images.
The image i used, was one of her freebies and i particularly liked the simplicity and vintage style to it , i am a total fan of
I don't get as much time to play with them as i would have liked, anybody know the secret to longer days, please let me know...................hehehe
This is a perfect image to use for a CAS challenge ..:))
Enough of all this talking, let me show you and you tell me what you think......
Image slightly colored with copic's , placed on a embossed b/g , papers from my stash, ribbon and pearls also from my stash and lastly, but not the least , some Prima Flowers !!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Anything Goes at Guylou's............

One BIG DREAM Come True !!

Anything Goes Challenge:::

I know! I know! When you read "Anything Goes"  you get all excited, ready to link your latest creation. That's name of the game .......LOL.  But first thing first, the winner of the " I {{Heart}}You" Challenge is:

Chris Olsen

Ok... Now that that is out of the way! Let me give you the details of the new challenge at Guylou's Inimitability Blog. Yes... it's an "Anything Goes" challenge. That's the easy part. But, please make sure you follow the 'Challenge Policy' listed in the left margin of this blog. That's important, as some entries did not count in the last challenge because they did not abide with the policy. Make sure you read and follow it.

The winner will be awarded a digistamp of her choice from Guylou's Inimitability Store and will also be invited to be a Guest Designer on an upcoming challenge and will get another GI digistamp to make a card or project along the DT.

The inimitable Guylou's Inimitability Design Team got to play with the feature digistamps called "Phillip" and "Molly". "Phillip" and "Molly" are hard working people in an industry that is not always appreciative of their service. Next time you go to a restaurant, please take a moment to thank your waitress and send a good word to the cook, that will make their day.

The Design Team created wonderful projects with these digistamps and i  invite you to visit their blogs by clicking on the images to get all the details of their works.

The Guest Designer - that's moi ...............:))

I created this card with MOLLY and it was such fun, i hope that you will agree with me !!

You will have until March 3rd, 10:00 pm (EST or click here to find out the corresponding time where you are) to enter your cards or projects here. Be sure to add the link to your entry and not your whole blog as this makes it much easier on the team to find your creations.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Color Challenge at the OUTLAWZ !!!

Am i missing something here, just been Monday and i am onto Tuesday
Today ( Tuesday ) , there is the OUTLAWZ color challenge where we were given two colors, can add another and we need to add something like boots or a lasso too, that was so much fun !! Not sure if i have mentioned this, but the THEME is WESTERN !!!! wow fun fun fun all the way , you have to check this out, promise ............:)))

OUTLAWZ Birthday Challenge !!

Yea, we are now at Monday already and it is time for the Birthday cards over at The OUTLAWZ, now we all have them so regular , it is a pleasure making them and having a spare to quickly grab and give .........LOL , though , i have to admit, i love making my cards so that it can be used for most occasions, saves me face .........:))
There are so many prizes up for grabs, te sponsors were super generous, so , why not join us............know you wanna, see you there !!

OUTLAWZ CAS Party Challenge !!

Hello there all you gorjuss people,
In some parts of the world, people are getting up, others they are sleeping, me here in South Africa, is nearly getting ready for bed, just have a few things to, don't i always.............hehehe
Now you have seen the banner in my sidebar for The Outlawz right...........!!!!
They are having a Showdown and the CAS Party Challenge is the 1st for the week and on a Sunday, you telling me i am late, am not , cause you do have a few days to complete your card, now is that spiff or what!!!
Now take me, i am so used to think ..embellies, right.........!! It took consentration, LOL, to keep my straying hands in check and really do a Clean and Simple card , and i love it, was good to do one again !!
Let me show you and you tell ME what you think..............hehehe

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dude's and INSPIRATION !!!

Wow, it feels like i have been blogging for ever now, is it really only about 7/8 month's ???? Cannot be , but is
Just been with one foot on the soapbox, will safe that for another time...............hehehe
This week , we have one super, stunning inspirational challenge over at Dude Time Doodles , i love these colors and it really was so much fun working with Driftin Denton, just a pity he fell asleep and never caught any fish........................LOL
Here's what you have to do to join in the fun with us...


1. Use the images and Dudette creations above to get your mojo moving. 

2. You are not required to use BDD images although it would make us really really happy and giggle a lot if you did!

3. MUST be a masculine themed card, you can use humor, innuendo, be a little naughty, sarcastic, but it has got to be for a DUDE!

4. Be sure to use the InLinkz below to submit your creation.

You have until Tuesday, February 22nd to upload your project using InLinkz below.  We'll be announcing the winners right here that evening.  
Ok here he is, shush, he is nappin a bit ..................hehehe

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One stunning SKETCH again this week !!

Hello there,
WOW, two post's just after each other, i am getting oiled here ..............LOL
This week over at Priscillastyles MMSC Challenge blog , it is really one stunning sketch, yeah , i know , every week is special and now is no exception, just more so for me , cause Dude Time Doodles is sponsoring and you know i love working with the DUDE's !! You can have a look HERE and you will so agree with me, there is something for everybody and every occasion !!
Now , to come back to the challenge at hand ....................LOL
Every week they have a different sketch and it amazes me to see all the variants and each stunning ! The Dt's creations are such an inspiration and even if i do not get a cance to play with, i will always browse around, just to see and admire , that's a big THANK YOU from my side !!
For the MMSC91 Sketch , i have used a DUDE and , boy is he ever so cute ,.............check him out !!

Showdown at the OUTLAWZ !!!!!

If you have not discovered THE OUTLAWZ yet, you missing out on a lot , yeah , believe you me .............:))
They have challenges every day of the week and this week is no exception , LOL , they are having a MASSIVE SHOWDOWN !! Now , maybe you wanna ask me, 'what is that' , all i can say is , head on over to the OUTLAWZ and see what i am babbling about ............hehehe , am smiling cause there is so many prizes up for grabs, XMAS ALL OVER AGAIN !!!! See you there , come on, hurry up .............:))

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vintage, Playful and Magical !!

Hello all,

The above are all attributes towards Ignacio from Nicecrane Designs , digi's , you can go and browse through his SHOP     and will be totally amazed at all the images , from digi's to Pyramid digi's , to Backing papers , WOW , these are now so right up my alley to create VINTAGE !!!
The last couple of weeks were tough, 1st my furbabies being sick, then we are moving premises, ok , will not bore you with all the details .............LOL , can just say , BOY AM I TIRED !!!!
At least i got some crafting in today and made a card using one of the 'LITTLE QUEEN ANN' digi's and also one using the 'DISTRESSED ALICE' backgrounds !!
Why don't you join us over at CDAC where Ignacio has a group and upon joining you get to choose a free digi of your choice, hey , wait not finished yet, have a look at my cards 1st, THEN you can run of
Be good and behave .......
later .................

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boy, Am i in trouble or WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year really have started of on a bad foot with my furbabies being sick, and they were so sick with the PARVO VIRUS , or as we know it , CAT FLU !!!
One of our schools burned down, so we, in our building , had to make way for them, that meant we have to move premises, been packing boxes for the last two weeks and have pains everywhere, even in places i did not know i had ...............LOL
Getting home, so tired that crafting had to take a baxk seat and that totally freaks me out , really, how to survive, well i have so far, but everything gets behind and to catch up is ....................... !!!!
Let me stop and rather tell you about our challenge at Pattie's Creations , a BIRTHDAY CARD dedicated to Pattie and Sandi's mom................... done it with LOVE !!!!  
Love working with Pattie's images , she has such a variety which can be used for ANY occasion, just have a look in the SHOP and tell me if i am wrong 
Now let me show you and you tell me what you think, you will right ????

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I have been given a lovely award by URSULA ,thank you Ursula for thinking of me.
The aim of this award is to give it to 3 -5 blogs you have visited that are relatively unknown and bring them to light [not with thousands of followers already]
so here are the terms for accepting the award:
1-create a blog post showing your award and say you accept it - check
2-say who gave the award and link back to them - check
3-link to 3-5 of your fave blogs and let them know about the award - check (and to be done)

so here are the blogs i have chosen : - Joan
Michelle - - Tina 

Have a lovely day !!
Be good and behave ............

I have been given a lovely award by MEL ,thank you Mel for thinking of me.
The aim of this award is to give it to 3 -5 blogs you have visited that are relatively unknown and bring them to light [not with thousands of followers already]
so here are the terms for accepting the award:
1-create a blog post showing your award and say you accept it - check
2-say who gave the award and link back to them - check
3-link to 3-5 of your fave blogs and let them know about the award - check (and to be done)

so here are the blogs i have chosen : - Colleen - Joy
Allyson -

Have a lovely day further !!
Be good and behave.............

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dudes are doing a sketch.....................

Yeah, you heard me, we are having a sketch challenge and such a lovely one too, i simply love sketches, just seem to get it together so much quicker, don't ya think ??? One thing i just love is when they say ..." This event happens every month" ...... , i just wanna make me go back for more........LOL

We are so lucky in having two sponsors for this challenge :::::::::

The first sponsor is Pattie's Creations and Pattie is offering three images from her Esty store. Patti is the originator of "Pattiboop", a very opinionated 11 year old, silly "Allie" cat and many other fun and whimsical images. If you have not been to her store lately, stop over and see what you have been missing. 

The second sponsor is Creative Inspirations and they are offering 10 jars of iridescent water based paint that will add brilliance and sparkle to your creations. Not to enable your crafting addiction further but to let you know, Inspiration paints are available in 55 beautiful colors. 

So here's your sketch:


  • You will have one week to flip the Sketch, twist the Sketch, work the Sketch and submit the Sketch.
  • You are not required to use Bonibleaux Designs Digis although it would make us really really happy and giggle a lot if you did!
  • MUST be a masculine themed card, you can use humor, innuendo, be a little naughty, sarcastic, but it has got to be for a DUDE!
  • Be sure to use the InLinkz below to submit your creation.

The winners will be announced here on February 9th

To entice your further, take a look at what the design team has created with more fantastic images from Bonibleaux Designs Digis
Now for my creation, i know you have been waiting for this, hehehe, so without further it is ....................
Be good and behave....................
My bad ladies, i posted a previous card, here is the correct one ........................sorry...............:((