Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hi, me again........

This is Tuesday, yeah as if you don't know, hehehehe, but it is Glitterbabe Tuesday, and with me STILL not having a puter, i battle to get things in when supposed to, so please be patient with me........:))

Now i know there are many a many blogging friends out there that know the Queen of Glitter aka Stef, she is one stunning lady, have a lot of respect for her, even tho have not met her, but you know that gut feeling, well mine tells me that i am spot on!!!

Have used one of her older images, head on over and have a look, there are super images on the shelves,lol, so glad i had it printed, will be giving this tag together with a nice, big choccie to a collegue that had a rough few weeks at work, just for her to chillax!!

I used some embellies from PIZZAZZ APLENTY , take your wallet with, hehehhe, you will want it all, promise!!!!!!!! Also remember that she, now that is Judy, have specials to drool over, there is one going on this week.............:))

Well here it is, hope you like..........., thanks for visiting!!!

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