Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pretty Please Support!!!

Hi there all ye loverly people,

It is one super, sunny day in South Africa, after we had such strong winds and rain since Thursday, so am enjoying that!!

I have just been over at FREE-4-EVER of Cor. Now she is such a compasionate lady and always there to lend a helping hand.

She told us about Hannah, a 12yr old girl with cancer and also spoke about Katie, now i am sure everyone remember campaign that were held for Katie, but she still needs our help, even if just a card and our prayers, as does Hannah!!

So pretty please go HERE , read the story , maybe there is something you can do.

I will be sending her a card, just to bring a smile and let her know she is being thought of all over the world, same with Hannah.

It breaks my heart when one feels so helpless,but one thing is sure ::::
We serve an AWESOME GOD and HE is a GOD of miracles , so we can never, ever give up hope!!

Thanks for reading and appreciate it that you are popping over to Cor's blog too, Be Blessed!!!

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