Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Banner all around...............

Hi there,

Hoping your day has been good so far!! Been real hot here today, seem to cool of now a bit, shew...........:))

Cathie over at cathies pARTies , has a super challenge at the moment called 'Best Witches' , she is giving us the banner and then we just have to create something with it, you can make anything your heart desires,lol, it sure is cute!!

I choose to make a present for a friend whose remotes( for TV and the rest) is always missing, untill the specific one is found they are stuck.......hehehehe, so i made her a holder for the remotes, using the banner that i draped right around and used some choccies and cookies to fill the caps so long, know it will be eaten real soon, lol, this has been such a fun project and i hope you will join us, there is still time, just click HERE , get the banner and Bob's your uncle............:))

Thanks for visiting and hope you like!!


Vicky said...

Hi sweetie this is fabulous, awesome idea I'm certain your friend will love it hun.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Sheree said...

Blogger is finally letting me post comments and I am not just a lurker tonight!!
What an awesome remote holder! The nice thing is that it is tiered making it easy to see them all. What a thoughtful thing to do for your friend.
Hope you are keeping well Theresa!

Kim Kelley said...

So cute! Great idea and let's hope it will never be lost again!