Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some New or not so New Info!!

There has been an adddition to my One Year Blogaversary Candy, be sure to check that out ...............:))))

Hi everyone,
How ya doing??? Hope your summer is there and that you are enjoying every minute of it .........*big smiles*
Well, here in South Africa, it is mostly cold, wet, rainy, brrrrrrrrrr, but you are used to that, just had your winter, right........:))
We have been having lots of rain and also lots of places were flooded, so much were lost,lots of people rescued and moved to safe grounds, but that is life as we know it.
I really hope that the strike in Canada will come to an end soon, as nothing is allowed(mail) into Canada, only a specialized service as specified by the USA Mail, i need to send some things over , so pretty please guys and dolls, lets stop striking!!
Striking happens a lot in South Africa and in all this time, it is still something i cannot get used to , maybe some day...........lol
Just my feeling about it , so sorry if i step on any toes, not meant for it, how boring will life be if we all had the same opinions/likes/dislikes ............... right, so it is good to differ , shew that was close...............hehehe , have to laugh otherwise i will be crying here......
No good news from me yet, no new tower in sight, the price is still to much for me.........arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Well looking at the bright side, i do get a chance now and again to at least visit some of you , wow, i do so miss entering for challenges, but it is not all about winning, it is about creating/coloring, making something that you are proud of, sharing it with all your blogging and other buddies, maybe for someone special, reading comments, that sure brings a smile to my face!!!
Last night i took a pic, have been wanting to enter this challenge for so long, soooooo decided i will try and see how to on my sons laptop, arghhhhhh again, yikes, don't know any of the programs he has, got it to a point and bam, stuck again, so will be trying again ytonight, maybe i can be lucky enough to find the solutions, please hold thumbs that side.
Gotta go now, so will see ya all later alligator , maybe in a while crocodile....................LOL
Miss ya all!!!!!

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