Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hello everyone,
I am here with a post to help someone that really can use it.
A blogging buddy, Penny has a relative that has been in a terrible accident, he is a very young man, he needs all our prayers he can get.
Here is the full story. Here is the blog Penny has set up with updates about his condition.

Why am I here to tell you about this? Well how many of you don't have somebody you know that is serving their country in Afganistan or some other part of the country that needs them. But, this young man is a US SOLDIER. He has been in Afghanistan and was just home on leave when this accident occured.

The family has traveled to be where he is- he is in an induced coma and they are by his side.

The family could use your prayers first of all, but Penny has also set up a Pay Pal account so anyone can donate.

Penny is doing a drawing on her blog for anyone that donates one dollar.
I wanted to add a few things to her giveaway.

So if you can afford to donate it would be greatly appreciated. Just go to those links above.
If you can't donate, prayers are still needed and maybe some kind words of encouragement.

As a mother with a son, i can just begine to image, not even fully understand( being from South Africa) my heart really goes out to this family.
If I can just get a few of you to leave comments then I will be thrilled, now if I get a lot of you I will be ecstatic.
Nothing like the power of prayer and of words of kindness during hard times.
So here are the few items I will be adding::::::
( Sorry no pic, still without my puter )

A Daisy Dandelion Stamp Collection
A Collection of pretty buttons
a Roll of red/gold ribbon
Fun Keyboard Stickers
Two bunches of roses and some leaves

Just leave a comment here that you have been there, left some love and donated!!!

It would make such a huge difference, every little bit helps ....:))

Thanking you in advance for opening your hearts for Luke and his Family!!!

Love ya.............mwah


Dawnll said...

Thanks so much for sharing my post and adding some goodies to the pot- you are a true angel sweetie

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

yep.. u r definitely an angel.

hurry back. everyone's wondering when you'll get back not to mention i miss you.

hugs :)

paulssandy said...

How horrible for him and his family. Both of my sons served in Iraq and you worry so much when they are there and a great sigh of relief when they come home. I truely feel for the family. How is he doing right now?