Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Night of Music!!!

Hi all,

Said i would tell you about the evening with Josh Groban, share some pic's and here i am at last with it................:))

It was picnic style, meaning we sit on the grass, yep, it was outside, overcast and looking like rain. But did i care, nope, not at all, in the end, i got to sit right in front, right in the middle of the stage, oh wow, that was exciting!!!

Josh had no opening act, he did the whole two hours along, absolutely amazing, boy can he sing, two hours of utter contentment and happiness, was worth every penny paid.

The 1st pic is where i sat, but looking at our stadium behind me.

Just look at the overcast sky, stunning!!
2nd pic is of the stage in front.

That was while i was still sitting more to the side, only later got to move right in front of the stage!!!!
3rd pic is............. Josh!!!!

He is just so cute and funny.
4th pic,lol, .............Josh

Hope you enjoyed that, wish i can post them all, but that is a bit too blog heavy........hehehe

Note to self:::: Get to know your camera, lol, took 90 pic's, yeah, were trigger happy, but only 46 were worth it, only after someone showed me how to zoom, i know, i know, slapping myself, only then i could see what i took.....hehehe, but still have a lot and the memories, WOW!!!!!!!


Shelly Schmidt said...

Whoa- lucky you- I love his gorgeous voice! I am green with envy!!!

Sheree said...

You were sooooo lucky! I LOVE listening to his music. His voice is so smooth like .. no other. I am glad to hear that the concert was wonderful and that you thoroughly enjoyed it!

Kim Kelley said...

So glad you had fun TEE! I thought I missed the post! It sounds like it was a beautiful night! HUGS