Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Please let's help a FRIEND!!!!

Hi there everyone,

One of our crafting buddies is in need of your help desperately, not only your help , but also lots of prayers to hold her, keep her and return her to her normal self....
I am talking about our own Krafty Karen, sure there are many of you who do know her!!

Wendy has written a post, explaing everything in detail, so PLEASE, pretty please, click HERE , maybe there is something that you can do to help.

In my own words about Karen, met her through CDAC and blogland, she has been so strong in the midst of all the pain that she has to endure and not only that, she absolutely creates the most stunning cards, i know. I really admire her for her character, strenght, sincerity, always smiling and ability to make others smile!!!

Thanks for reading this and hoping to see ya there, one thing i have learned over the last couple of month's is that the people from Blogland are just the most caring, giving and lovely people under the sun!!
lotsa luv from me to each of you
Be BLESSED!!!!!!!!!

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Linda said...

Thanks for sharing this Theresa. I will read the post