Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Bow, Pretty Please...............:))

Hi there everyone,
How are your weekend going, real good i hope!!! Mine has been busy, crafting mostly.........hehehe, got some cards done, more images colored and ready to be made, oh but time is running away from me, jip, can't even get hold of it, so, so fast, nearly monday here and back to the grindstone it is...........argh, but next weekend is coming...........bhahahahaha

I need a favour and hope there is somebody out there that can help, pretty, pretty please............:))
I am terrible at making a bow, yeah i know there are so many tute's around, but these hands of mine just blatantly refuses to make anything remotely resembling a bow,lol
Here is the plea, is there anybody out there that will make me a variety of colors and sizes of bows, will supply the ribbon and cause i am staying in South Africa, will pay in crafting goodies for postage.
Thanks for reading this and have a super day!!!!!!!!!


sallysbitz said...

Hello Theresa,

Why don't you invest in a bow maker. I purchased mine from Alexander Palace from the Glitter Girls stall. It is a great asset to your crafting stash, very easy to use & very reasonably priced. You can order via the web too.
I always use my bow maker when adding bows to my cards.

hugs sally x

Tip Top said...

I've got a little wooden bow maker and it only cost a few pounds (bought on ebay!) and they look great every time - you can change the sizes too!