Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Really Worthwhile...........

Hi everyone,

Found this info on Sandy's blog and thought it was such a fab idea,
RE: Universal Craft Blog Directory and here is a part of the info::::

Welcome to the Crafty Bloggers Link-Up.

This is (hopefully) going to be the biggest list of Crafty Bloggers out there,
it will be a Universal Craft Blog Directory!

It's easy to join....
All you have to do is add your blog to the link below
and then invite all your blog readers to join as well,
and they will invite their blog readers etc etc
and hopefully it will keep being sent forward
& all the crafty bloggers will come back here to the directory & add their name!
Cool huh!

For now it's just under one category: Craft and as the directory list grows,
so will the categories and it will then have it's own blog site!

Now you can see even more creations, make more friends, find more inspiration and much more, so see ya there................:))

And while we are on the subject of crafts, lol, there is a Scrapbook Store that sells the most amazing products, for scrappers, card makers and more, this is such a pleasure for us in South Africa to have a SA based store called Scrapbook Studio, Cariena the owner is also an amazing person, with friendly service, goodies to drool over and even more so....
She is having some give-aways at the mo, so please stop over and browse around, you will thank me, that's a promise!!!!

Ok, that's all for now, will have a card or two later in the week, running against time, work busy, had a bit of rain, but the heat was full force again today, arghhhhhhhhh

See ya later alligator...............:))

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Kim Kelley said...

Hey Miss Tee. I am still around! Been sick and have had a headache several times over the past few weeks. So I haven't done a lot of crafting.
The link says the blog has been removed...so wasn't able to do anything. HUGS!!!