Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some Questions ??????

Hi everyone,
No card today, sorry, but do have a few questions on mind, been there for a while now.............

Over this year of blogging, i lost some followers, i would like to get your input here, really bothering me!!!

Might it be blogger??
Have i done/said something wrong???
Might it be that people just follow for candy and then unfollow??

To me Candy is wonderful, but it is more about support than winning, don't get me wrong please, would love to win some candy, but if not, at least i supported, right???

Now on to another issue, Customs, when you post a parcel to an another country, do you state the worth inside or leave it blank as a gift???
I have been trying to determine how our customs work, lol, quite difficult, hehehe, but i normally just write gift and no value. I have send many a parcel overseas and would love to hear from those that recieved, if they still had to pay customs on a 'nul worth' ??

Thanks so much for reading this, appreciate each and every comment and follower!!!

Have a super day...........:))


Ardilla said...

Hi, Theresa!
I don´t know why people is a follower and then they delete themselves. I lost three this year and it´s funny because I won 30 after they stop following me, for me, I rather prefer to have happy people following me than three who don´t like me!
When I send something to another country, I put "gift" or "craft items" and never had problems. I have received some candies I won and never had problems here. Don´t know about other countries.

Larisa said...

Theresa, don't worry the others leave your blog - they are not the real followers/ Your blog is fantastic and your projects are so creative and nice! So, the number of followers is only the number but nothing more.
Hugs. Larisa. xx

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

I also feel like the other followers above- it is only a number. I TRY HARD not to let it bother me.
I will say I also have learned a few things along the way, like- I started following EVERYTHING in the beginning, through google friend, google reader, email . I find that I have to stop almost every month to eliminate repeats. I try to follow each blog in only one manner instead of each way.
So maybe you haven't lost them ,they just read you only one way instead of Google Friend.
I also found that I needed to keep my posts down to say once a day or every other day, there was a better chance of comments if I didn't overwhelm them with lots of posts.
In the beginning I also listed every contest, giveaway, and learned to group many together or just reference them in a post and list them on my sidebar for a period of time.
Well that is some of my things I have learned.Not sure any of it helped.
Oh one more, I know the numbers are really down in comments because of all the issues with blogger off and on and peoples settings.
Hugs to you sweetie

Trina said...

I didn't know you could leave the value blank on a customs form. Ours say to be very specific when listing the contents. Have you ever had to pay when I sent you something? I always try to keep the value low, but wondered if it was like postal insurance (like they'd give you that amount if something happened to the package)...

Kim Kelley said...

Hey Tee! Never had to pay any mo9re on anything you sent me. Have you on anything I sent??? I will put gift/craft items usually and do a estimated amount. The one package I sent around Christmas the guy at the post office made me put in an amount! As for followers...I would not let it bother you. Your blog is great and maybe the ones that left ended up crashing or something and then they reupped. You never know! HUGS

Crafterkhush said...

Hey Tee... Well you will find a LOT of people on blog land who'd follow you just for a candy... They really are not worth thinking over... instead think of all the lovely followers you have who have been following you diligently and always supporting you in your work.. whether praising or constructive criticism...I honestly cannot help you on the customs front because I have never had to deal with it.. I did win 2 international candies but I did not have to pay anything extra...You do great work.. I might not comment on the posts but I do check your blog every time you make a new post.. Thank you for inspiring us always...

Hugs all the way from India,

Mandy said...

Hey Theresa, sadly there are many candy grabbers in blogland, some have only blogs showing candy and not a handmade item in sight and I have wondered if they win what they actually do with the prizes, ebay probably lol.
Try not to let the followers numbers worry you hun, my followers numbers change almost daily, 1 leaves another 1 or 2 appear who knows why!
It could also be a blogger thing as well! Twice I've noticed a friends blog missing from my dashboard so I've gone to her blog and signed in to see if that brings it back on my dashboard & discover for some reason I'm no longer following her which I would never have done. I guess that's just another of those blogger mysteries :)
hugs Mandy xx

Sadie204 said...

I wouldn't question yourself too much hun, some people are just out to get what they can for free nowadays! I follow all of the blogs on my list when I get chance but don't post comments much as I usually run out of time by the time I have finished marvelling at some of the gorgeous creations! Regarding the postage issue, I'm sorry I cannot help there as I have never had to post abroad. I did mean to let you know that the blog candy I was chosen for (DTD Scavenger Hunt), I have not yet recieved so I cannot comment on whether I need to pay any further postage/customs.

Sadie xx

Made by Mandy said...

Hi Theresa,

I'll be honest I do not join in blog candies where they insist you are a follower. I am truly grateful, even surprised if people follow me and certainly won't be bribed, or bribe anyone to follow me. If I already follow someone and they offer candy I will join in, but won't follow them just to get at their goodies.

Unfortunately a lot of other people do and are happy to do so, that is obviously their choice but it is inevitable that these 'freebie chasers' are only there for one thing and will move on after a period of time.

My blog is for me to show my work, I can see my improvements and could do better's. It is a place for people to interact with me and a place for me to enter my challenge cards. It is also a place for me to share my troubled soul from time to time in the hope that it it may help even one person.

Suffering from depression and anxiety has crippled me for the last year and I can honestly say that cardmaking and blogging has been a massive lifeline for me.

Regarding customs charges in the UK as a recipient if a package has had gift on there I have never had to pay charges, but there have been a few occasions where senders have put a value and not gift on them and I have had to pay to receive them

Love Mandy xxx

p.s. I came onto your blog as I saw the colourful chameleon card you made for Angela, really really pretty xxx

Marlene said...

I find you win some, you lose some. And I agree with what one person said above. I know some blogs don't show up in my feed anymore, and I did not "unfollow" them. Sometimes it's something as simple as a change they've made (like renaming their blog, for example).

Sadly, there are lots of candy grabbers. Whenever I offer blog candy, I do NOT require people to follow, and in fact, have stated point blank that I would rather they NOT follow if they are just doing it for the chance to win.

Lastly - I will comment again, that whenever I come here, I immediately get transported to the bottom of the page, and that it happens AGAIN when I click to leave a comment. It's annoying, honestly. (Sorry - just being truthful...when you comment on as many blogs as I do in a day, the last thing you want is to have to work to leave a comment.) I really do think it's that "countdown" clock with the green numbers on it - because that's immediately where the post jumps each and every time. If you don't need it, I'd suggest getting rid of it. Would make it easier on your readers and commenters. HUGS. xoxox (And you know I ALWAYS appreciate when you stop by and leave a comment on my blog. I read EVERY SINGLE one of them!)

Spyder said...

well, I checked to see if I was there on your followers list, I wasn't, so I am now! Sometimes (On other blogs) I find myself missing, even though I know I was following, So they do disappear, my blog changes everyday! (although I never know who's missing) usually when I look back at the 'no picture' followers, the number of followers can go down two or three, but returns again once I've clicked back. Perhaps blogger is closing blogs that haven't had any traffic in the last year or so, because there are a few like that! have a great week!