Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something Different,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hi there again,
Gotta grab the chance when it presents itself, right????

Now, mostly i use Watercolor and other pencils with OMS to color my images.
These were just lying on my table where i color and the other day i thought to myself that this is just to much of a clutter, sooooooooo i went about to make myself a holder, now i know there is lots out there on the market, but this is custum made for moi to suit my needs and just so, so easy!!!
I took a square box, about 1,5 inch or 3,5cm height, cut a piece of mounting board or any other hard cardboard, glued that to the bottom. Now i took some toilet rolls inner, some glue at the bottum and started to pack them like a honeycomb, see 1st pick after all is glued down.
Next i took some Dazzles Glitter Spray, you can use any inks to spray, used green, blue and gold and sprayed the rolls and the box. ( see 2nd picture)
Now this idea can be adapted for Copic's( just have to do it on it's side,lol, and any other coloring medium, gel pens, any stationary, scissors, basically anything!!

Hope you like and maybe can use this idea..............:))
Enjoy the day/afternoo or evening...


jimlynn said...

Therea, this is a great idea!! AND a wonderful use for all those empty TP rolls!

Scrappin Chris said...

That is exactly what I had been thinking about doing with my pencils. :) Now I know it will work!!

Kim Kelley said...

What a great idea Miss Tee!

Trina said...

Now there's a storage solution I can afford! Great idea, T!

ursula Uphof said...

You have bee a busy girl. Lovely idea, I knew I was saving those rolls for a good reason.

Anne Temple said...

So very clever! I always hate throwing out the tp rolls because I know there is something I could be doing with them. I'll have to try your fun idea.

Cheryl said...

Oh how clever! What a great idea!

Sandi said...

What a great idea Theresa, and it looks so neat, and nobody would know they were toilet paper roll cardboard!
♥ Sandi