Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boy, Am i in trouble or WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year really have started of on a bad foot with my furbabies being sick, and they were so sick with the PARVO VIRUS , or as we know it , CAT FLU !!!
One of our schools burned down, so we, in our building , had to make way for them, that meant we have to move premises, been packing boxes for the last two weeks and have pains everywhere, even in places i did not know i had ...............LOL
Getting home, so tired that crafting had to take a baxk seat and that totally freaks me out , really, how to survive, well i have so far, but everything gets behind and to catch up is ....................... !!!!
Let me stop and rather tell you about our challenge at Pattie's Creations , a BIRTHDAY CARD dedicated to Pattie and Sandi's mom................... done it with LOVE !!!!  
Love working with Pattie's images , she has such a variety which can be used for ANY occasion, just have a look in the SHOP and tell me if i am wrong .................lol 
Now let me show you and you tell me what you think, you will right ????


ursula Uphof said...

What a great birthday card. Good luck with the boxes and hope your "babies" are all better soon.

Anne Temple said...

Love your card and the shading looks fantastic. Hope the fur-babies feel better soon (and you too!).

Ruby Taylor said...

Beautiful card, Tee!!

Charlene said...

Cute card Tee...love the way you did the heart on this gatefold card! And your bg pp and rhinestones really make the heart "pop". Hope your furbabies are still doing o.k...sorry to hear about all the moving you've had to be doing.

poppylover said...

i love it