Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Now who would have thought.........LOL

Ann from  Ann-Made have awarded me this award, wow, thank you Ann for thinking i deserve this !!
So, the first order of business is to share 8 things about me:
1. I grew up in Natal, South Africa
2. I lived in Namibia, Natal, Free State, before moving to PORT ELIZABETH in the EASTERN PROVINCE.
3. My favorite foods are pasta and anything sweet
4. I will be working now for ...... years, lol, not gona tell my age...hehe
5. I have had my day of setting records and then breaking them, in athletics......... 
6. My drink of preference is coffee and flavoured water
7. My favorite color is purple
8. I drive a VW GOLF

Now to pay it forward (in no particular order):
1. Charlie -A2Z Cards
Ladies, here's what you have to do...

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this
2. Share 8 things about yourself
3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards
Thank you again Ann for this.........:)))


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

ooooooo coffee & anything sweet. me toooooo!!!!! and i like purple. what girl doesn't!

thank you so much for sharing the award. i am truly blessed to call you my friend.

hugs :)

Sara I. said...

I am soooo honored Theresa. Was having a super bad day today, and this totally cheered me up!!! You are such a sweetie!
I loved reading your answers --so nice to finally find out more about you!
From one coffee lover to another -here's a cup on me!
Thanks again dear friend!

Charlene said...

Thank you so much Theresa...I am so honored...I am so glad to have met you and become friends. And it is so wonderful to get to know a little more about you...besides that fact that you are great at the cyber parties! lol Your sense of humour never fails to leave me with a smile on my face! Now I just have to see if I can figure out how to do this badge thing! lol

Ansota said...

Thank you Tee for thinking I deserve this too! It made my day! Thank you for your friendship and for being the person that you are.
Lots of hugs!

Trina said...

It's amazing how we all are connected. It was so hard putting together my 8 and trying not to give it to folks who already had this award!

*Comment verification seems to be back on...

THERESA said...

Will check it out....arghhhhh

PresentStorm said...

TY Doll! I accept my wonderful award and am re posting it now :) *hugs*