Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Something sweet and magical !!!

Hi there everybody,
How are things going your side, well, if you are like me at the moment, you won't know if you are coming or going.............ROFL
Been really running like a headless chicken, not sure if i will be able to spot my head, pleaase , if you do see it, tell it to return.......hehehe
Now i have some interesting news here for you.........yea i  Here at CDAC we have a group, no come on, we have a lot of groups, you are breaking me up, lol , but i am telling you now about this specific group, started a while ago, but growing with leaps and bounds , i can hear you asking why ??? But have you seen the images ??? Well have you ???? The group is STAMPFAIRY and at the moment they have a freebie up for grabs at their blog , , called : Lenny - thank you , man is he cute or what!!! Now the group leader is Gerda and Jackie is the group co-ordinator , both so sweet.
You still here, come on, jump to it and go and check this out, waiting there for you.........LOL
Keep well and be good...........


Purple Card Lady said...

Thanks Theresa for the info!! :-)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

you, my dear, are the perfect sales person!

hugs :)

Cleah said...

Hi Theresa!
You're right! It's a sweet and magical site and with cute freebies, too. I also want to let you know my bro-in-law already received your lovely package but for work reasons his trip was canceled. As soon as I get hold of the package, though, I promise to create something and post a link to your blog.Thank you again for the gift.
Big hugz,

THERESA said...

It was my pleasure, so sorry his trip wa cancelled !!